New Travel Rota at NC


As part of Green Impact, we’ve been trying to identify the key ways in which we in library services can cut down our carbon footprint. We think one thing which is particularly pertinent to LLS is the way we travel between sites. All of us spend some time at Roevale each week, and many of us have to attend meetings at Penrhyn Road and Knights Park on a regular basis. This means that, as a team, we spend a lot of time ‘on the road’. We’d like to get a clearer picture of how everyone is travelling between sites, so that we can start to think about ways of making our journeys more eco-friendly. So, over the next few months, we’d like you to record each time you travel from one site to another, and how you did it. This is something they’ve been trying at Knights Park, and we’re hoping it will make us all a little more conscious of how we travel.

There  is a chart on the notice board in the common room – just find your name and fill it in as you go!


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