Buddy Boiling

Fancy saving the planet AND enjoying a delicious cup of tea? Then get on board with our new ‘buddy boiling’ system! The idea is that we cut down on the energy used to boil the kettle by making sure we remember to ask others if they fancy a cuppa when we’re making one for ourselves, ultimately cutting down the number of times the kettle is boiled each  day. We’re also trying to remember to only boil as much water as we need, and to keep track of how often the kettle is being used by recording each time we use it on the nearby chart, which looks like this:

Save water at Roevale


Help us cut down our energy  and water consumption!



2 thoughts on “Buddy Boiling

  1. Hi, this is a really good idea to make us aware of how much water we are boiling. Is it more energy efficient for instance to boil a full kettle once or to boil 2 half kettles of water? Sorry if that sounds like a silly question.


    1. Hi Philippa, thanks for your question – it isn’t a silly one at all! Boiling two half kettles will use slightly more energy than boiling one full kettle. Even though the two boils won’t take as long as the full kettle, combined they will take just slightly longer as the kettle has to start up twice. That’s why, the less often the kettle is boiled the better, but it is still crucial to only use what you need. I hope that answers your question!


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