Making your PC more energy efficient

Last year, one of our Green Impact downfalls was leaving our computers switched on overnight. Simply turning PCs off at the end of the day will save enough CO2 to fill a double decker bus.

But what about during the day? A lot of us leave our workstations for long periods of time, leaving our PCs on. This wastes energy and money. It can cost as much as £70 a year just to run one computer!


With a majority of us “hot desking” sharing computers throughout the day, it can be difficult to remember to shut down the computer after use as we can’t be sure when the next user will need to log in. It is best practice to go on the assumption that it could be hours before the computer will be used again, and shut it down.


Things to remember:

(1) It doesn’t take any extra electricity to start up a computer; you might just have to wait a few extra seconds for the computer to start up after a shut down.

(2) Shutting down obviously saves more electricity than energy-saving mode, but if you will be returning to the same computer a good compromise is to use sleep mode when you’re not using it. This does not mean you will have to turn it on again when you come to use it. It will simply have a locked screen, so all you will have to do is type in your password, and the desktop will instantly open up exactly as you left it.

(3) Energy-saving mode does save power. That’s what it’s for.

(4) Please remember to turn your PC off at the end of the day.


Instructions for making your computer more energy efficient can be found here.



Picture Credit: Switch Off Reminder. Available at:


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