Easy ways to reduce fuel costs

Until the day household waste can be converted into useable fuel, or at least until electric cars become more affordable, cutting down your fuel usage whilst driving can help lower carbon emissions and will save you money too. Here are six helpful tips on how to make the most of your fuel:


  1. Drive slower: It may seem obvious, but driving at a lower speed reduces the amount of fuel your car uses. Making sure you keep to the speed limit isn’t just safer for you, but also for the environment.
  2. Plan your journeys: Doing lots of small journeys is more wasteful than combining those trips into one. If you plan your journeys for the day, you can find the shortest distance to travel and reduce your chances of getting lost. Less starting and stopping, particularly in colder weather and making as few trips as possible is a good way to cut fuel consumption.
  3. Maintenance: If your car isn’t well maintained, it’ll be costing you more fuel than necessary. It is important to get your car properly serviced regularly to ensure it is running efficiently, and that it is safe. However, by simply checking the oil and ensuring the tires are properly inflated every so often, you would already saving some fuel.
  4. Streamline: By making your car lighter and reducing wind resistance, you can cut down on unnecessary fuel costs. A few simple changes, like removing unused luggage from the boot, or taking off the roof rack when not in use will help streamline your vehicle and help it use less fuel to run.
  5. Only start the car when you need to: If the car is running for long periods of time and not moving, you are certainly wasting fuel. Try not to have your car running for long periods of time before or after a journey. Wait until you are ready to leave before starting the engine.
  6. Consider alternative forms of travel: As we have mentioned previously, there are many ways to travel that are less damaging to the environment. Walking, cycling and public transport are all viable ways to get to where you need to go and all cost less fuel. For more information on alternative forms of travel, please read our previous blog post on the subject.

For more information about fuel efficiency, the Energy Saving Trust and the AA have more useful tips on their websites.


Picture Credit: Fuel Efficiency. Available at: http://bit.ly/1N2pEQh


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