How do you get to work?

Whether it’s a short trip or a long haul, we all have to brave the commute to work. Unless you work aboard the Starship Enterprise, chances are you’ll need to take a more conventional mode of transport to reach your destination. At Kingston University, the most popular way of commuting is single occupancy car journeys covering a distance of 9.5 million miles each year.


The infographic below displays the various transport methods used by KU staff to reach campus.


Kingston University is working towards incentivising alternative forms of travel with the aim of becoming “one of the most enjoyable accessible universities in London”. To help reach this goal, KU have published a travel policy which sees more emphasis being put on alternative, more environmentally friendly ways of getting to work.

Travelling by car contributes to global warming and poor air quality which has a negative effect on the environment. If driving is unavoidable, here are some of the alternatives you can try for more environmentally friendly (and potentially healthier and cheaper) travel:


►  The KU Bus Service: This free and regular bus service runs throughout term time from Seething Wells to the Roehampton Vale campus.

►  Cycling: Kingston University offers free services for bike maintenance and repairs, as well as a loan system to help staff buy bikes.

►  Walking:  Walking is a good form of exercise. There is plenty of information on offer about walking around Kingston. Why not participate in Walk to Work Week this May?

►  Car Share: If you do need to travel by car, why not participate in a lift share scheme. It is a good way to save money and reduces the amount of cars on the road.


For more information, please visit Sustainability’s Travel page which is full of useful tips for planning your journeys.

Picture Credit: KU Travel Infographic . Available at:


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