One Small Change…

A really quick, easy, and simple way to help us reach our Green Impact goals is to add an eco-friendly message to your outlook signature. In fact, one of the criteria for the bronze award states that ‘the department/school promotes environmentally-friendly behaviour in email footers’. This is about promoting eco-conscious behaviour – only printing documents when necessary, remembering to switch off your monitor when away from your computer – but it is also about showing that a commitment to a sustainable environment is something we all share.

An easy-to-follow guide to changing your outlook signature can be found here, and here are some ideas for green emails footers:


Please consider the environment – do not print this email unless absolutely necessary!thumbprint_green_earth2GI_Leicester_notext1


Think Green – please turn off the lights when leaving a room

Reduce re‐use, recycle – please be waste aware

green-impactCould you walk or cycle to work? Save money, get fit and help the environment!

Off to a meeting? Please turn off your monitor while you are gone.

Save energy, save money, save the planet – please switch off all unnecessary electrical items.


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