Wildlife Walk photo competition (20 Feb – 28 Feb)

Every walk can turn into a wildlife walk if you slow down and take a bit more time.

Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group are running a competition this week to find out what wildlife we can spot as we go about our everyday business.

This can include walks:

  • between buildings on campus
  • between campuses
  • from your bus/train station/ car park to your desk


Any photos of wildlife taken between the 20-28th of Feb on one of your walks are eligible. Judging takes place the week after the competition, with the best photograph receiving a jar of KU Fed By Learning Honey.

Submit your photo with your name, contact details and any details of editing to biodiversity@kingston.ac.uk by 5pm on Sunday 28th February 2016


Terms and conditions:

Photos can be taken on phones/cameras – if they are edited (cropped etc.) the edits have to be clearly listed in the submission

Photos can be taken anywhere in the world, i.e. if you happen to be on a field trip with your course etc. but you have to be able to collect your prize in person at Kingston University (UK).

By submitting a photo you have implied that the photo is your own work and that you are providing Kingston University the right to use it in digital and printed communications (e.g. the biodiversity blog or the newsletter etc.)


Picture Credit: Fox Photographer . Available at: http://bit.ly/1SPOkgw





One Small Change…

A really quick, easy, and simple way to help us reach our Green Impact goals is to add an eco-friendly message to your outlook signature. In fact, one of the criteria for the bronze award states that ‘the department/school promotes environmentally-friendly behaviour in email footers’. This is about promoting eco-conscious behaviour – only printing documents when necessary, remembering to switch off your monitor when away from your computer – but it is also about showing that a commitment to a sustainable environment is something we all share.

An easy-to-follow guide to changing your outlook signature can be found here, and here are some ideas for green emails footers:


Please consider the environment – do not print this email unless absolutely necessary!thumbprint_green_earth2GI_Leicester_notext1


Think Green – please turn off the lights when leaving a room

Reduce re‐use, recycle – please be waste aware

green-impactCould you walk or cycle to work? Save money, get fit and help the environment!

Off to a meeting? Please turn off your monitor while you are gone.

Save energy, save money, save the planet – please switch off all unnecessary electrical items.